And I Call My Activities “Adventures?”

I have been following the updates of two friends who have set off on a huge adventure, and it has made me second-guess my use of that word in this blog.
Camilla and Ali in Vail
Through pictures, videos, and a fun and fabulous blog Camilla Bradley and Ali Pearson have been documenting their cross-country adventure.  Camilla is the founder — and namesake — of CK Bradley, a line of colorful dresses, bags and accessories that I have loved for years.  She has now moved on to more wintry wear: Après by CK Bradley.  She packed up the preppy prints in favor of pom-poms.  She has launched a collection of retro-inspired ski apparel for women that’s sure to turn helmets on the slopes.  And launching a new venture in a still-troubled economy isn’t even the adventurous part of the story.  She packed a Suburban and an Airstream with Après goodies, two dogs and Ali and set off on a three month road trip to spread the word about Après at mountains across the country.  
The idea behind Apres had been brewing in Camilla’s head for a few years.  Last year she worn a sample — inspired by her mom’s ski suit from the ’70s – while in Jackson Hole.  “People would stop me on the chair lift, on the slopes, on the street to give me their emails for the upcoming ski line,” she says.  “It was the same enthusiasm I felt when I first started making belts for friends at Trinity a decade ago.”

But a road trip across the country in an airstream with a friend and two dogs?  “The road trip had more to do with what I wanted to do than what the business should do.  The idea of hitting the road and amazing destinations for work rather than vacation was a dream come true.  I mean, who doesn’t want to go from mountain to mountain wearing ski apparel that makes everyone smile or comment while living in an Airstream with a good friend, your dog and no idea what’s going to happen tomorrow?!”

In Ali, Camilla found the perfect wing woman.  “I have a hard time sitting still,” explains Ali.  “I love the open road, and am always up for an adventure, so when Camilla asked me to join her on the road, I didn’t blink an eye.  I’m not sure either of us had a clue what we were getting ourselves into, but I have loved every minute of it.  I feel alive.” 

Apres in Action
“Launching Apres has really defined living for me,” Camilla explains.  “Every day brings a new adventure — be it stranded on the side of the road or meeting ski legends on the slopes — and I’m excited to see what next month, let alone next year brings.”
The response to Apres – and the road trip — has been overwhelming.  “One of the most surprising things is hearing that we are really living a lot of peoples’ dream right now,” says Camilla.  “We meet so many people who look at us and say, ‘Do you realize you have the best job in the world?’  We, of course, realized that this was a dream come true for us, but not that so many other people dreamed of such an adventure as well.  What’s more, we have been overwhelmed by how welcoming the ski community is.  People we have never met are constantly offering their houses to us (AND our two dogs!) or trying to figure out how else they may be able to help.  We have found that everywhere we go, people want to help.  Whether they are lending their driveway, their shower, their press connections or their expertise in changing tires, everyone offers a helping hand.  We are so grateful to each and every person we’ve met.” 
How can you resist?
Camilla and Ali’s three-month-long adventure makes my afternoon as a circus performer seem down right boring. In this way the Après gals have inspired me to take it up a notch, take a bigger risk. Stay tuned!  And while you wait for me to pull something exciting out of my blogger’s hat, why don’t you order yourself some chic ski wear for that last ski weekend of the season:

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