I’m Baaaack…

But not in a Freddie Kruger way, I swear.  I have to apologize and explain my long absence from this blog.  As you may have noticed, up until this point I have not identified myself clearly nor posted head-on pictures of me.  Now, you can clearly see what I look like, and the “emm” has been replaced with “Emily.”  That’s right, my name is Emily, and I’m proud of it!

Why the secrecy?  Well, I previous held a job that I feared would be compromised by my adventures.  Well, not exactly compromised, but I was worried the Boston Herald would splash a “State Agency Spokes Finds Her Passion in a Back Bay Bar” headline across its cover or something salacious like that.  Although, I am sure a lot of Bostonians have found passion in the dark corner of a bar…so maybe that would have won me more fans…

At the end of the summer I changed jobs and now my employer not only allows, but would likely applaud me for having a blog.  From their perspective the fact that over 1,000 of you have read (and hopefully enjoyed) my blog over the past year is actually a plus!  I am slowly adjusting to this new “creative work environment:” I bought my first pair of skinny jeans, albeit at Target seeing I am not confident in my embrace of this trend.  I now say things like “totes” and “OMG” out loud and in email.  And, best of all, I am getting back into writing and will be picking back up my search for my passion!
I have actually tried a few new things during my hiatus, including glass blowing and pole dancing …yes, pole dancing (look what this creative work environment has done to me!) that I will be sharing with you over the next few weeks.  In addition, I am now taking requests as well!  If you would like me to try your passion on for size or would like to suggest something to set me up for total embarrassment, bring it on!  I have veto power, of course, but it may be tough to say no to my first request.  So comment below and read what happens!
Thank you for reading! It feels fantastic to be back. This is going to be totes amaz!

3 thoughts on “I’m Baaaack…

  1. Hi Emily!! It's Val! from NBC back in the day.. er.. well anyway 😉 I was an editor 😛 I say – have you tried Ice Climbing yet? It's rad! You should try it if you haven't :)on that note also – zip lining?^-^

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