My Winter in Pictures

So you may have noticed that I have been a little MIA recently. I apologize. I have been traveling basically non-stop since January—mostly for work, a little for fun –so I have not had the time for my usual adventures.

I’ve been beating myself up about this every week that I don’t post. But instead of feeling guilty about it again this week, I figures I should just come out and tell you why I have been absent and show you what I have been up to…even if it’s not exactly what I usually post about. So here it is…my last three months in pictures.

I hope you enjoy!

After a year of determination, hard work and a little benign stalking of some military officials, I finally was able to visit the Marine Mammal Unit of the United States Navy. This was work-related, not blog-related, but still a dream come true.


I spend some time in Denver, where I got up close to some fighter jets. If you ever get the same opportunity, one piece of advice: take the ear protection, whatever they offer you!


I managed so squeeze in some skiing  on a separate trip to Colorado, this one for fun.

vail Vail 2

I managed to escape most of the brutal winter that hit the northeast, but was able to enjoy some of the beauty that the snow brought with it.

Acorn Street, Beacon Hill

Acorn Street, Beacon Hill

In the middle of all this traveling, in addition to giving myself a concussion, I also gave myself a black eye. Yes, I am a total mess.

You should see the other guy!

You should see the other guy!

I went to Puerto Rico for a photo shoot, and learned about a great organization, Save a Gato that strives to fix and adopt the stray cats of San Juan. There are a lot of them.


San Juan

I also visited Las Vegas for the first time. Again, I went for work, so my time was not my own, but it was still quite an experience. As I ran down the strip at 6:30 a.m. (and sprinted up escalators, a higher tech interpretation of bleacher sprints I hated from college squash) and past people with beers still in their hands, I had the realization that they probably thought I was as crazy as I was thinking they were. While I may have been underwhelmed by Sin City, I did think the Bellagio fountain was worth the wait…and boy did I wait.


vergas 2

Best of all, on many of these trips I had the very talented photographer Jeff Allen as a travel buddy. I have featured Jeff on this blog in the past (here and here) so you may know his face and his work. If this post is your first introduction to Jeff, you should know two things: he is extremely talented, and he will climb just about anything to get “the” shot.

Jeff 1 jeff 2

And now I’m back in Boston, settling back into my routine, enjoying the slightly warmer weather, sunrise runs, and hopefully getting back to my adventures soon.  Thanks for your patience!





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