My Nightly Adventure

As you all know I was in NYC this past weekend to attend a fashion show (more on that in the coming days), and it turned into a very auspicious weekend trip!  As regular readers of this blog know, sometimes my adventures take me on the road (New York, Minnesota, and Chicago, that post coming soon, to name a few). Being a self-financed blogger, I’m always looking for ways to cut travel costs.

This past weekend while in New York, a producer for NBC Nightly News asked me to offer my observations on trying to find deals on hotels. Of course, I was happy to oblige!  Click here or on the image below to watch the resulting story.

Having spent a large part of my career in TV, the interview felt like going home. Much like New York itself, the news industry is a wonderful place to visit, but I am really enjoying this new life adventure of mine. Thanks to all of you for coming along with me, and enjoy the show!

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