Front Row or Bust

My celebration of Fashion Week rolls on with a surprise opportunity. Thanks to Molly Galler, the great blogger behind PopBopShop, and Wheeler Del Toro of 3 Scoops in Brighton, MA I will be going to a Couture Fashion Week show on Saturday. What more could a fashionista like me wish for?

The picture that won me Fashion Week tickets. Courtesy of Kara Kochalko

These tickets were part of a giveaway that Molly hosted. To win we had to submit a picture of ourselves in our most front-row-worthy outfit. As you all know, I never do anything half way, so I took this as a challenge. I grabbed an armful of fun items from my closet and pleaded with the talented Kara Kochalko to capture me doing my best Anna Wintour impersonation, minus the bangs. The result you can see here, and the rest, as they say, is history.

This is going to be a challenge of confidence as opposed to the majority of my other escapades which tend to be challenges in a physical or emotional sense. I have to strut into the Waldorf Astoria (hopefully on a carpet in some shade of red) looking like I belong there. Now, I know and love fashion, but couture? Each of these pieces will be made to order for its future owner who will no doubt spend thousands of dollars on each piece. I, on the other hand, will be spending $25 on a Bolt Bus ticket to NYC.

I always think about what I am going to wear on my adventures, but this time it actually matters!  Black is always safe in New York, but for the theatrics of a couture show, a little extra may be necessary…maybe one of Marie Galvin’s fascinators? The clock is ticking for me to perfect my double air kiss and to find the ultimate Fashion Week ensemble.

Here’s where you come in: I need your help and will take any and all suggestions on what to wear. Leave me a comment, send me an email, tweet, instagram a picture, send a carrier pigeon, anything! I will be headed to NYC on Friday afternoon so be sure to weigh in before then. Keep in mind that if I fall in love with your idea, I have to be able to find it in Boston this week, or with little time to spare in Manhattan on Saturday afternoon.

I will, of course, document every moment of my fashionable adventure so you will get to see whose suggestions I take. Ciao Darlings (I am practicing already)!

Many thanks to Kara Kochalko for being generous with her time and her camera. She also took my profile picture, so as you can see she is very talented. Thanks also go out to Molly Galler and Wheeler Del Toro of 3 Scoops for making this would-be fashionista’s style dream come true.

6 thoughts on “Front Row or Bust

  1. Great picture Em! I want to see the rest! Post worthy material for sure.

    Elle UK tells me pants suits and monochromatic ensembles are in style this fall (sounds boring but practical to me!)


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