I’m Crossing Supermodel off the List

That is exactly what I thought when I saw my doppelganger, Maggie Rizer, in the pages of Town & Country, “Well, I don’t have to see if being a supermodel is the career for me because the fair-skinned, strawberry blond market is saturated.”  Of course that is not the only thing holding me back from becoming the next Gisele.  I’m simply not built like a supermodel.  Ms. Rizer — who I have been mistaken for on the streets of New York (the truth, I swear) – is two inches taller than me and two sizes smaller (I am referring to shoe size of course).  But this got me thinking about the parameters of my adventures to come.  I may look good with a stethoscope around my neck, but starting medical school isn’t a realistic option at this point in my life.  So I have decided that whatever the future holds for me, it will not include any additional (formal) education.  Whatever knowledge or skill required for my next career I must already possess.   In addition, I will experiment with experiences regardless of the salary attached, but if I realize I was made to be a mime, I may have to cast it aside if donations on the street corner won’t pay the bills.  A girl — even as she explores the great wide open — has to be practical after all.

All images courtesy of Town & Country

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