Where to begin…well, maybe at the beginning

Behind the wheel of a Uhaul leaving Manhattan

My entire life I have been a planner: A hard-working, goal-oriented, type A planner. Once I set my mind to something (and I set my mind to a lot of things) I did not stop until finished it. When I was about 11 I drew a picture of myself as an adult. I was wearing a mini skirt with a low cut blazer (with a startling amount of cleavage), running in high heels with a microphone in my hand. I wanted to work in TV and that was it. Fast forward to age 30 and I was living in New York, working as a writer and producer for WNBC-TV, a Frontline documentary I associate produced was nominated for an Emmy (we lost to an HBO doc about sex trade…tough to beat), but as I walked into 30 Rock each day (which at one time never failed to give me goose bumps) I kept thinking “this is it?” At 30 I had accomplished all the goals I had set forth for myself and I was unhappy: unhappy with my job, unhappy in New York…just unhappy. One day I explained how I was feeling to my dear friend Genevieve as we sat on Gooseberry beach in Newport, and she said “Just move! Get up and move!” She made it sound so simple. Then it hit me that it actually was that simple. If journalism wasn’t making me happy anymore — do something else. If I didn’t love New York any longer — go someplace new. While abandoning what most would consider a successful career was terrifying at first, I soon saw it as a necessity. I swore I would move on October 1st, job or no job (thankfully there ended up being a job). I packed up what had once been my dream apartment in SoHo with all its beautiful exposed brick — well, ok I paid others to pack it up– but I did drive the Uhaul out of Manhattan (I have a flair for dramatics and a scene with me physically driving away from that chapter of my life will be great when this blog is turned into a Lifetime movie of the week). I am now settled in Boston with a job that is challenging and engaging, but I need a passion…or at the very least a hobby!  I gave myself several months to get used to all the change I gobbled up all at once, and now I’m setting out to explore the possibilities out there. For the first time in my life I am not doing what I think I should do, or what I think others want me to do. I am just going to see what makes me happy. Let the adventure begin!

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