Car vs. Blizzard

Many of you have been following the trials and tribulations of my car on social media, and have asked for the full story. Well, here it is!

I left my poor car to go off gallivanting in Paris. While I was not there to defend her, she was viciously pummeled by a bully named Juno. I watched from afar, she did not put up much of a fight.

Car FB Pic

Then not even a week later she was kicked while she was down. Another bully came around and added insult to injury (in the form of another foot of snow).  I didn’t catch her name. Then the City of Boston, likely not realizing she was knocked down, licking her wounds, piled even more on top of her. She was no match.

By the time I reached the spot where I last saw her, I thought it was too late. I couldn’t even find her.

I didn’t know where or how to begin to revive her, so I put some orange cones on top of her snowy grave so plows would know she was in there…somewhere.


I needed back-up. I knew I could not do this alone. I needed someone (or many people) strong and brave who could help unearth her so she could drive another day (and not be totaled by a snow plow that thought she was nothing…or more accurately…thought she was just snow). It was at this point that my mother told me that my life sometimes resembles a sitcom. I tend to agree.


Thankfully I found just those kinds of people, and they agreed to free her. After several hours (and an up-front payment) my car saw the light of day again. She was cold, and her doors seem to be iced shut, but at least you could can see her now.

car 3

Moral of this tail, don’t leave your car sitting unattended during two blizzards…if you can possibly help it.

But now what to do? There’s another storm coming, possibly another foot! Do I diligently shovel her out every few hours? Or do I hightail it to a suburban garage? I need advice, please!