The purpose of this blog has evolved over the last year.  When I started, it was really just for me; a catalyst to try new things and an excuse to continue writing.  I never thought a large number of people would read it, hence I chose a very obscure url.  If I am being completely honest, and why lie on one’s own blog which is a prime location for self-indulgent introspection, I never thought my readership would exceed two…my mom and dad.  But now they both text so they have another avenue to keep tabs on me.

For the most part I do still chronicle my adventures for myself.  This journey teaches me more about my personality, my composure, my capacity and my limits each week. But the most pleasant surprise of this past year has been the reactions and responses of my readers. I believe I know most of you personally, but many I don’t, which is amazing. The encouragement I have received has been astounding and it is my greatest pleasure that this blog affords me the opportunity to make so many of you laugh. It is for this reason that I picked this new home for my blog. Hopefully this will allow more of you to find me more easily.

Although my web address has changed, the spirit of the blog has not. I will continue to try new things, put myself in varying — and sometimes precarious — situations to test myself in an effort to figure out what I love in life.  I hope you will follow me to my new home, and continue to follow my journey as I search for my next passion.

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