I Want to be a Genius

 I am not a genius.  Yes, this may come as a shock to those of you who regularly enjoy my turn of phrase and excellent execution of alliteration on these pages, but it is true. I am especially not a genius when it comes to computers.  Those of you who know me, or better yet, have had the pleasure of working with me, know very well that the bane of my existence are contraptions that plug into the wall.
The Apple Store
It is for this reason that I headed to the Apple Store on Boylston Street in Boston this weekend.  I want to be a Genius…and a computer genius at that! I made an appointment at the Genius Bar and hoped if I charmed the Genii enough they would let me shadow them for a day so I could pen a hysterical blog post aptly titled, “I am a Genius.”
My hopes were quickly dashed when my Genius, Will, told me that as a member of the press (I explained that my NYC press pass expired in 2009, but this argument did not get me far) my request would have to be filtered through Apple corporate headquarters in Cupertino, California.  Being half-way through Steve Job’s biography I know that I will never get permission to do this.  

As to not make the trip a total loss, I asked Will what I could do to add a little pep to my computer, an Powerbook G4.  It had been a little sluggish lately, and I see that darn rainbow pin wheel way too often.  I took my computer out of my bag and Will gasped. “That is my favorite computer Apple ever made,” he said with as much enthusiasm as a five-year-old on Christmas morning. “This is vintage apple. Does it still work?”  His question hurt my feelings a little bit. Of course it still works, I use this computer every day!  It’s not that old.  Then I found out that in fact it is that old.

My beloved “vintage” computer

My Genius patiently told me that they no longer service machines like mine.  He said my mac would not support any modern-day programs. This news was very disappointing.  Yes, I have owned it for a few years (five, as far as I can remember), but I had written a lot of good stuff on this little guy.  Not only was this blog created on it, all of the pieces I have had published since graduating from J School had been written with these keys.  Will told me that an upgrade was my only option. He sent me downstairs to speak with another Apple genius about what new computer would be the best fit for my needs.  

MacBook Air

Downstairs I met “Foley,” who also drooled over my “vintage mac.”  He said he loved these “in middle school,” which simply cannot be the case.  It is not that old and neither am I.  After he pulled himself together, he showed me two options: The 13 inch MacBook Air and the 13 inch MacBook Pro.  From what Foley explained, the big difference seems to be that one has a hard drive, the other does not.  One is light, the other is heavy (if you can call 4.5 lbs. “heavy”), but I really don’t know enough (remember, I am not a genius) to decide.  Both will enable me to write these posts quicker and easier than right now, but which one is best for me?  

MacBook Pro

Please help me choose my next computer by leaving a vote (aka comment) below. I mean it, I really do need help!

The pictures that accompany this post were taken by myself and the talented photographers that Apple hires for product shoots. 

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