Every Rose Has Its Thorn

I grew up with an eccentric mother.  She loves animals and the outdoors.  She prefers forests to fashion; insects to interior design.  So when she told me she wanted to give my childhood home a new look, I thought YURIKA!  My first adventure will be redesigning my parent’s house.  Maybe there is an interior designer hidden inside this former journalist.  I politely offered my services, and my mom bluntly declined my kind offer, “I don’t think your father and I can handle that much pastel.”  So I helped her find an interior designer with a more mundane color pallet, and I got to thinking: she was right.  I do love color, lots of it.  I started to explore what I could try out that included some Roy G. Biv (come on, you remember that from second grade!).  That’s when my fine friends at Twig, the fantastic South End flower shop (there is also a location on Charles Street), answered my prayers.  This weekend I will be a member of the Twig team.  On Saturdays they receive deliveries direct from Europe and those flowers have to be sorted (hopefully by hue), prepared (ie. dethorning roses), arranged and delivered (I may look good behind the wheel of a truck). I love flowers, especially hydrangeas, calla lilies and peonies so I am hoping there will be some of my favorite varieties to work with.  If I can manage not to loose too much blood on those roses, then this may be the job for me!  Check back in on Sunday to hear, and see, how my day as a floral designer goes, or stop into Twig on Saturday and see for yourself!

I borrowed this picture from apartmenttherepy.com,imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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